Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club Box League

Box League Rules and Regulations

Every "season" each player has to play every player in their box, so 3 matches. It is up to each of you to organise your own matches and contact details can be found in the members area.
Do not sit back and wait for others to contact you, be proactive and get phoning, emailing and texting. Please keep these contact details secure and do not share them outside the box league.
After each match is played it is the responsibility of the winner to post the result and scores within 3 days. Although not mandatory a "match report" is also a good way of keeping interest levels in the box league news
The format of the matches and the scoring system has had to be changed as a result of restrictions on court time and the new booking system following the COVID-19 crisis. Accordingly, each match will be played using the LTA Fast 4 format, the key features of which are as follows:-
  • Best of 3 sets
  • First player to win 4 games takes the set
  • Tie break (to 7) played at 3-3 (so winning scores 4-0, 4-1,4-2, 4-3)
  • Sudden death on deuce (receiver´s choice of sides)
  • Third set is played as a Champions Tie Break (to 10)
  • 1 point to each player for playing the fixture
  • 1 point for each set won
Please remember that this box league is run on a voluntary basis and is all about getting our members to meet each other and play more competitive tennis. On this basis please make my job easier by taking responsibility for arranging and playing your matches on time and adhering to the few administrative requirements I have outlined above.

There will be no extensions to any season so please arrange and play your matches early because our weather is unpredictable!!

Please also check your contact details and update them if there are any inaccuracies.
Periodically I will produce a summary of what is happening each season and there will be lots of news and comments on the Club´s twitter account so if you havent already done so, please make sure you start following @TennisCardiff now.